Plantations International have been at the forefront of commercial forestry and have been offering clients in Asia the opportunity of receiving higher returns through their untiring efforts in Agarwood cultivation.

According to Plantations International investment plans, prospective investors are not only guaranteed returns but also the corresponding number of trees as per one’s individual plan belongs to them. An initial minimum investment requirement is 100 trees. However, a potential investor can increase their outlay and Plantations International is equipped with the capacity of issuing suitable investment instruments to match this value.

Moreover, from the minimum investment to the maximum Plantations International investment plan, each tree has a fixed value of US$327 Even in the instance where an investor opts for the minimum plan of 100 trees, the fixed amount US$327 is applicable, indicating the total value towards purchase of these trees at US$32,780 . After a period of seven years, the guaranteed returns have a ARR rate of 19.71`%.

Within the short span, the technology for the commercial production of Agarwood has been obtained by Plantations International through Instiper University in Yogyakarta Indonesia. Moreover, Plantations International receives ongoing advice, the fullest cooperation and the technical guidance from the University.

The Plantations International Agarwood plants are produced in Indonesia and Malaysia and the seeds are imported to Sri Lanka after being certified and approved by Plantations International. Establishing a state-of-the-art nursery to cultivate Aquilaria trees in Johor, Malaysia and in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Plantations International has ventured into popularizing Agarwood as a home garden crop too.

According to Plantations International, a host of current investors are those engaged in small and medium enterprises. The Company is also promoting Agarwood as an investment among the rural folk accepting a token amount.

The Company is also creating awareness that Agarwood investment in terms of commercial forestry provides higher and secure returns, is eco-friendly and offers ownership of the land. Plantations International emphasizes they rigidly employ all legal formalities and proper methods from importing seeds, planting cultures to harvesting.

As an Organisation that has been in the forefront of commercial forestry for over a decade, Plantations International is keen to create awareness of the prospects of Agarwood investment by divulging all possible facts before their clientele in a positive manner.

Commenting on Agarwood as a profitable investment option, Plantations International Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Paul Martin said “As an organization with a well-earned reputation for over a decade we have been extremely successful in promoting sustainable commercial forestry projects.

“Directly liaising and under the precise supervision of the State Agriculture Departments, the Plantations International Agarwood seeds are imported and we obtain all the approvals from the National Plant Quarantine Service assuring potential investors of the highest quality standards of the trees.

With assurance of manifold prosperity, offering a secure and higher return, join us for a methodically guaranteed investment option,” he added.

According to Mr. Paul Martin, Plantations International is using of the CAKit (Cultivated Agarwood) in Indonesia, a patented product invented by Prof. Robert Blanchette, from the University of Minnesota of the United States. Through the use of this method, Agarwood production can be enhanced inside the Aquilaria trees. The CAKit Agarwood inducement technology is the only application which guarantees Agarwood formation in all resin producing Aquilaria trees species.

Plantations International, which began operations over 20 years ago, has always been in the forefront of commercial forestry with environment friendly projects contributing towards conservation. These projects on the whole have accrued benefits for the environment and the country as a whole. More importantly throughout their decade of operations no investors have been dissatisfied with their offered investment strategies and Plantations International has not received any customer complaints to-date.