After the successful launch of its first Camelina Sativa seed farm​, Hong Kong-based Plantations International through its local Indonesian subsidiary PT Gaharu Kapita Indonesia has allocated funds to expand its Camelina Sativa seed acclimatization program in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to a second seed farm . Plantations International has plans to create enough Camelina Sativa seeds to plant over 1000 acres per year, per seed farm.

Camelina Sativa is a genus within the flowering plant family Brassicaceae. Camelina oil is an edible oil that comes from seeds of Camelina Sativa, commonly known as false flax. Camelina oil has been used in Europe and North America for a few centuries as an oilseed and for lighting lamps. However, it has never been a prominent oilseed crop. Presently, there is a lot of research into the industrial applications of camelina oil, especially as biofuel. Camelina oil has been found to contain high amounts of omega – 3 fatty acids, like flaxseed oil, which make it suitable for use as a nutritional supplement and a general purpose oil. As a way to reduce fossil fuel emissions, the US Navy has been testing a 50-50 mix of jet aviation fuel and biofuel derived from camelina seeds.

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