Asia Plantation Capital is pleased to reveal the opening of its brand-new, purpose-built Agarwood (gaharu) factory and research study centre, situated in Johor, Malaysia.

A simple 20 minutes drive from the Causeway connect to Singapore, the town of Seri Alam is now host to the cutting-edge center that includes an Oud oil distillery, a wood chip processing centre, and a scent stick factory. Likewise located within the complex is a visitor centre, in addition to a wholesale factory store equipped with the ever-growing variety of Agarwood items produced by Asia Plantation Capital (APC).

Access to the business’s plantations in Thailand, India and Myanmar were vital aspects, as well as the business’s continuous factory growth in Shenzhen, China. Prepared Oud factories opening in the Middle East situated in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are being established by the business over the next 18 months.

The center is likewise tactically and easily situated in close distance to Singapore– a nation presently ranked as one of Asia’s most significant Agarwood import and export centres– with more than US$ 1.2 billion in approximated trade per year (according to main reports). This provides APC with a leading one-upmanship in regards to its access to a considerable market on its extremely ‘doorstep.’ This is a future crucial element of the planning and place of all the groups factories with China, Northern Asia and the Middle East in between them representing a considerable bulk of present world sell Agarwood items.

The factory has actually been geared up with the most recent heat exchange steam purification devices utilizing cleansed water, and a clean energy solar energy system is being set up to make sure optimal financial effectiveness. Sustainable, eco-friendly energy systems are made use of throughout.

As part of a forward supply contract with China’s biggest merchant of scent sticks, a 300 tonne per year assembly line is likewise being set up, and this will certainly broaden in due course to 600 tonnes per year, to integrate the business’s other areas. The center likewise houses a lab for fragrances and important oils, APC inoculation systems production, and MSDS analysis systems.

“We are really delighted to lastly have the ability to take the covers off our cutting-edge Agarwood factory,” stated Steve Watts, CEO of Asia Plantation Capital Berhad, in Kuala Lumpur. “We have actually invested a number of years examining the very best all round strategic area, and are happy to reveal this growth in Malaysia. It’s an outcome of the nation’s steady company environment and forward believing forestry and plantation departments at governmental level, that have actually led us to pick Malaysia and Johor for this strategic factory development.”.

This is part of an Asia-wide strategic factory and production development, with a purification factory joint endeavor in China with Hua Lin Group– China’s biggest maker of Agarwood items – as well as strategic growth in Thailand into wood chip production and incense production and prepared factories in the Middle East. These systems are not just being used by the group to broaden our market share, however is likewise being provided to smaller sized growers and farmers throughout Asia, to help them in the growing and end processing of Agarwood into an important earnings. As providing systems and understanding, we are providing repaired ‘purchase backs’ on items made solely from our systems.

Watts went on to state, “The Agarwood plantation market, as we understand, is big and is continuing to grow quickly. The customer market is growing and progressing at a fast rate, and customers are looking for items of regularly high quality with all the pertinent seals of credibility, sustainability and purity.

Watts concluded, “Our items now come specifically with their own individual accreditations– consisting of those from CITES– in addition to EU Product Approvals, Product Safety Data Sheets, IFRA, Certificate of Origin, FDA approval, MSDS analyses, and Shariah Compliant status. Our items, in certain our oils and wood chips, are likewise separately graded by professionals in the field at Thailand’s Prince of Songkla University. By tactically running and having cutting-edge, eco-friendly mega factories, sustained by our own plantations and other smaller sized growers, we are now able to provide completion items that the marketplace in fact requires, in regards to cost, quality and consistency.”.

The factory is open and functional for company, with brand-new assembly line being commissioned in the coming months. The visitor centre will certainly be opening in April 2015, in addition to a wholesale factory store and Agarwood item screen library.